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Get More Clients, Explode Your Business And Finally Make The Impact That You've Always Dreamed Of

Life-Changing 2-Day Business Event in London | Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th | January 2020

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Here's just some of what you'll learn at this highly-experiential 2-day training:

✔ Design Your Winning Strategy

You will set ambitious GOALS and achieve them, create a solid PLAN for your coaching business and learn how to introduce SYSTEMS in place which will lead to your ultimate success

✔ Develop Your Expert Conversion Process

You will learn how to get people to BUY FROM YOU and RETAIN your coaching clients building long-term relationships and a predictable SALES PROCESS

✔ Build Your Magnetic Attraction System

You will no longer need to chase clients, as you will discover how to get a continuous stream of LEADS and enquiries from HIGHLY QUALIFIED PROSPECTS who are ready to buy from you

✔ Leverage Your Time And Money

You will find out how to AUTOMATE your processes, increase your ROI, get more speaking gigs, reach more people by doing less, and get more customers while having more FREE TIME

✔ Create Your Ultimate Evolution Plan

You will get crystal clarity on what to do next, what DIRECTION to take, how to EXPAND your training business and how to create your whole new LIFESTYLE

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Seats are very limited. Reserve yours now before they run out!

Here Is Why You Should Spend 2 Full Days With Us:

IMPORTANT FACT: What makes us different is that we will not simply show you what the latest most successful strategies are, but you'll also be able to IMPLEMENT them straight away & grow your business FAST

From: Daniel Aprea

Re: Your Invitation To The Next Level Business Bootcamp

Dear Entrepreneur,

I have been doing seminars and workshops for over 10 years. In fact, being the son of two teachers, many would say that I was literally born into this.

During this time, I have been teaching advanced business and communication skills across multiple countries in three different languages and I've had the privilege of sharing stage and learning from the top industry leaders and authorities.

What I've noticed in the training industry worldwide is that in the vast majority of events the main focus is on showing what to do rather than developing skills that stick. Needless to say, on the following day the motivation is gone and nothing has changed, except that your business is a few days older and still stuck.

For that precise reason, I have decided to create a new breed of events where the focus is on effectively building fundamental skills that are designed to stick over time and implementing new strategies straight away to take your business to new heights without experiencing the adrenaline drop of the day after - in fact, thanks to our innovative learning techniques, our attendees start to build up momentum that keeps growing bigger and bigger over time.

With this in mind, it is my big honor and pleasure to invite you to our next live event, which is designed to change your business and your life for good.

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Seats are very limited. Reserve yours now before they run out!

This Training Is Exactly For You If You Say YES To At Least One Of These:

✔ You are a great Coach or Consultant, but not enough people are buying from you

You will learn EXACTLY how to get people to buy your training programs or hire you as a speaker

✔ You have been in business for a while but are not able to grow as you'd like to

You will pick up the best and fastest growth strategies from the industry experts

✔ You have just started a new business and you want to avoid the most common (and costly!) mistakes

You will learn from other people's mistakes and fast-track your way to the top

✔ You have found a new business opportunity and aren't sure where to begin

You will get crystal clarity on what to do next

✔ You have been to many seminars but somehow aren't making progress

You will get unstuck and finally get the ball rolling

✔ You want to quit your 9-5 and start your own business, but don't know where to begin

You will make a rock-solid plan on how to quit your job in 3-6 months and live the life you want

✔ You want more leads and more high-paying consulting clients

You will get a simple proven system to get clients on demand

✔ You are thinking to start a new business but are not sure if your idea will work

You will validate your business idea and get ready to go big

✔ You want to meet and network with like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners

You will make friends and maybe meet your next business partner

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Daniel Aprea

Daniel Aprea is the author of Prospects Into Clients and founder of Coachized. He has been coaching and training people internationally for over 10 years in 3 different languages. His advanced understanding of the human learning process and astonishingly vast cross-cultural experience make him the go-to authority if you are serious about turning your life around and taking your business to the next level.

After completing his 2-year master degree with honors in Engineering Management in only 9 months and becoming a semi-professional chess player with no previous experience at age 22, he started applying the same principles to business and sales, achieving outstanding results in multiple industries.

As an international multi-award winning speaker who shared stage with several other authorities and celebrities, Daniel created his signature S.C.A.L.E. system for ambitious individuals like you who want to start a successful entrepreneurial journey or take their existing business to new heights.

After spending 2 transformational days with Daniel, you can expect to leave as a different person as you were before, completely refreshed, energized and crystal clear on your path to success.

More speakers will be added as they are confirmed to speak at the event

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Seats are very limited. Reserve yours now before they run out!






Nash House, Old Oak Lane, NW106FF, London, UK


Saturday January 25th & Sunday January 26th

9 AM Doors Open

9.30 AM Bootcamp Day Begins

6 PM Bootcamp Day Ends

6.30 PM Bonus Session Begins

9.30 PM Bonus Session Ends

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Seats are very limited. Reserve yours now before they run out!